A UFC Fighter Got Hit So Hard That He Turned Into Stretch Armstrong

Getting hit really hard on the chin can turn a strong man’s disposition to jelly. It can also turn a professional fighter’s legs to a bendable material that’s easy to manipulate. Take, for example, David Teymur’s second round TKO of Jason Novelli at UFC Fight Night 91. Teymur his Novelli so hard that Novelli’s body bent in ways never thought possible inside the UFC’s Octagon. Basically, the dude turned into retro toy Stretch Armstrong:

It’s all very impressive, this flexibility. Especially considering he did those splits right as he was falling to the ground due to the power of Teymur’s fists. Naturally, Teymur called out Sage Northcutt next, who is also a gangly, flexible fighter who could be his next bendable victim.

Teymur now has a theme, and I, for one, will never let that go (for as long as I can remember).

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