UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Fulfilled A 25-Year-Old Promise To His Mom And Bought Her A House For Christmas

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UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s biggest fan is his mother. Her passionate screams of support from a cage-side seat has been a running joke among fans for years now, but no one cracks wise about the supportive, loving relationship the Woodley’s have with each other.

Tyron grew up in Ferguson, Missouri and against the odds of a difficult upbringing, became one of the best college wrestlers of his era, and has now held the UFC welterweight title for well over a year against some incredibly stiff competition. After every victory, and frankly, at every chance he gets, he thanks his mother for bringing him up well and sticking by him through thick and thin, the wins and the losses.

Now Woodley has a special Christmas gift for his mom that fulfills a promise he made when he was 10 years old — the champ bought his mother a house.

It must feel good to fulfill the promise your family that you’ll become a pro athlete, then become one of the best in your chosen profession. But it must feel great to not only fulfill that promise, but deliver on a 10-year-old’s words and become such a success that you can finally buy your mother the house she’s always wanted. Especially on Christmas.

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