Kendrick Lamar Ended The Feud Between UFC President Dana White And Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley

Dana White and Tyron Woodley have been feuding on and off for the last year or so. Pretty much since Woodley has had the UFC welterweight belt. White thinks Woodley’s a complainer who doesn’t have the right to pick and choose whoever he fights (especially after campaigning harder than anyone in recent memory for a title shot in the first place), while Woodley is looking for the Octagon battles that will give him the best payday, like GSP, a Diaz bro, or a superfight in a different weight class.

This has led to plenty of bickering between the two men, some of which has got damn heated, as it usually does with Dana White. But, with the help of a private Kendrick Lamar concert White booked for his son’s 16th birthday party, Tyron Woodley is fine now. Just fine.

Knowing Woodley was a huge fan of Lamar, White reached out to his welterweight champ and invited him and his son to the VIP concert for his son. You can watch a bit of it here, but be mindful of the comments calling out Dana for spending big bucks when one of his fighters last weekend was praised for focusing full time on fighting and quitting her day job.

And here’s Dana White Jr’s new BMW that likely cost more than a fighter’s take home this year!