The Undertaker Showed Up To Chokeslam The Rock At WrestleMania 40

When Night 1 of WrestleMania ended with The Rock and Roman Reigns defeating Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins to set up a “Bloodline Rules” match between Rhodes and Reigns in the main event on Night 2, the world knew we were in for plenty of run-ins during the Undisputed WWE World Championship match.

Rhodes and Reigns worked 21 minutes of an incredible match by themselves, getting a chance to put their skills in the ring on display before it became a delightful run-in and spot-fest. It started with Jimmy and Jey Uso continuing their brotherly feud and was followed by John Cena appearing to a massive pop, which naturally brought out The Rock.

Cena was a surprise, but given his activity with WrestleMania in recent years, not a complete shock. After Cena took a Rock Bottom, Seth Rollins showed up to the Shield music (making fans briefly wonder if we might get a truly shocking Dean Ambrose appearance) and got rocked by a Superman punch, which seemed to end the run-ins on the Cody side. That was until the lights went out and the bell tolled, sending the Philly crowd into a frenzy.

The Rock, staring at the ramp, awaited the Undertaker’s arrival, but the Dead Man was already in the ring behind him, ready to hit a chokeslam to help clear the ring for Cody’s moment.

The main event was done incredibly well all things considered, with a nice balance of having an actual match for 20 minutes and letting the two main combatants shine before giving the crowd the big pops and shock entrances. The Undertaker certainly wasn’t on most lists of folks who would run-in on The Rock, but it was a delightful surprise and helped Cody finish his story.