Watch These College Students Experience A Terrifying Boating Accident And Somehow Emerge Unharmed

Two University of Florida students were participating in the FLW College Fishing tournament over the weekend when their boat spun out of control, flinging them overboard. Amazingly, they were both completely okay. Conner Young and Hunter Bland were the two students in the boat, cruising at 60 mph, when a locknut came loose, disabling the steering wheel and knocking the outboard motor violently to one side, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The boat was equipped with a kill switch, as mandated by the tournament, which is why the boat turned off immediately upon the accident occurring. That protected the two anglers from the propeller, as well as kept the boat close by so they could eventually hop back in and signal to other teams that they were okay. At the end of the video is the slow-motion version, which will give you a deeper sense of appreciation for just how lucky Bland and Young are to have made it out of that lake alive.