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As Signal to Noise points out, the NCAA tournament season is upon us, and with that comes gratuitous human interest stories. And the New York Times has gotten a head start on the field by profiling UNLV forward Joe Darger, a Mormon whose familial cheering section "includes his father, his mother, his 18 siblings and his father’s other wife."

John Darger is married to Carollee Darger, Joe’s mother. He is also married to Elizabeth Darger, the mother of eight of his children… His children range in age from 2 to 40… [John] grew up with 46 siblings. His father had several wives. Polygamy was passed down like a family heirloom.

The article has all sorts of fun facts, like how Joe moved out of his dorm freshman year when he learned it was coed.

Ummm… what? Dude grew up with dad and granddad humping multiple wives non-stop, chose to go to college in Las freaking Vegas, and he can't live in the same dorm as chicks?

Wow. Kids, can you excuse us? Joe and I need to have a sit-down. This may take a while. But if I can teach strippers how to love, I can teach this retarded man-child how to score college threesomes.

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