This Is Your Final Chance To Enter Our Tourney Pick’em Pool For A Chance To Win $4,000

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Hey everyone, it’s March! Did you know that? Because it’s true! And there are so many fun traditions that make this time of year so great, like ditching work to watch Sweet 16 games in a bathroom stall on your phone and 16 seeds almost topping one’s, but not quite. There are also other really dope things that don’t involve bathroom stalls such as ridiculous buzzer beaters, shocking upsets, and of course, the joy of filling out brackets.

As we’ve said before, we’d like it if you would fill out a bracket for the UPROXX/Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em pool. We want you to do this because the grand prize is $4,000 in cold-hard cash, and it would be really great if you – yes, you – were the person who got to take home the dough. And if you happen to tank it? That’s okay! There’s nothing like having a good time online with Internet friends.

Here’s what you need to do: go right here. This will bring you to the UPROXX pool on Yahoo Sports. Then just fill out your bracket, sit back, and hope that you’re able to come out on top. This is the important part, so I’m gonna put it in bold and italics:

Make sure you do this by 11:59 a.m. EST on Thursday. If you do not, you will not get the chance to participate and potentially win the money.

Who knows? Maybe it’s your year to shine.

Good luck, everyone!

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