Enter The UPROXX/Yahoo Tourney Pick’em For A Chance At $4,000 In Cash

ncaa tournament bracket

Spring is in the air, and like the first birdsong you hear or the first crop of absurd Spring Training stories, NCAA pools are one of the surest signs that the seasons are changing. More than any other form of online sports engagement, picking brackets brings people from all walks of life together. It’s an event so predictably unpredictable, everyone believes they have a shot — and they’re right.

Those who are feeling lucky with their dartboards or those who feel like this is finally the year when going all-chalk pays off have a new place to enjoy the tournament with the YahooTourney Pick’em — a free-to-enter game that pays a cool $4,000 to the winner. To enter, just join the UPROXX pool here. The contest uses Yahoo’s standard tourney scoring system, the rules of which are here, so familiarize yourself before entering.

The craziest weekend in sports is almost here, and with the Yahoo Tourney Pick’em, you can now invest even more emotional energy into an event that is always pure chaos. Buckle up.