01.23.07 12 years ago 3 Comments

For every boring-ass heart-warming story like Barbaro, there's something that totally kicks ass about horseracing

The president of the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association has been accused of injecting racehorses with alcohol 75 times, charging $15 a shot and writing it off as a “pre-race adjustment.”

Alcohol injections have been whispered about in racing circles for years… The alcohol is used to calm jittery horses before they go to the starting gate.

Hmmm… this reminds me of that time this morning or yesterday or those five days last week when I "injected" some vodka down my throat to calm my jitters before a long day of surfing the Internet and checking my email.

I don't see what the big deal is about injecting some vodka into a horse. Especially if it was Popov. Nobody should have to ingest that through their mouth. It's like gasoline. I even did a taste test. Gasoline tastes better, but Popov gets better mileage.

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