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I don't know if one can really say that the Vikings' rookie running back Adrian Peterson is "greater than" the Bears' veteran RB/special teamer Adrian Peterson, but the Minnesota's A.P. (who we shall now refer to as "Adrian Peterson" or "Purple Jesus") averaged more yards than Bears' A.P. (who we shall now as "That Other Guy" or "Violet Jeebus") gained all day.  There are some former Texas high school defenses who are holding their heads a little higher after seeing what Purple Jesus did to a pro squad.  That's not to say the Bears played like a high school defense, I would say their performance was more on the Pop Warner level.  Anyway, if Peterson is the Purple Jesus, I guess that makes Brad Childress the Purple Joseph.  Do you think old St. Joe would have punted to Devin Hester?  I think he would have seeing as he wasn't that bright – after all, he did fall for that whole 'Immaculate Conception' story.

Believers of the Left Behind books can now plan for the Second Coming: Dec. 17th, Bears @ Vikings. -KD 

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