Vin Scully Doesn’t Know Hair Styles

08.20.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

According to Wikipedia, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully is 82 years old. That may have something to do with how out of touch he is with pop culture. During a Dodgers-Rockies game, Scully admitted that he was confused when a newspaper referred to Troy Tulowitzki’s haircut as a ‘mullet,’ saying that he thought it was a type of fish. Or maybe he wasn’t confused at all, and was just having a fond flashback to your mother’s fish from last night. I hear her salmon filet is fantastic, in more ways than one.


…made an off-balance throw and he got Blake at first base and, in reading the Colorado paper about the game, they said his throw was just a little bit longer than the mullet that he wears.


And I remember reading that and I thought ‘Mullet? Mullet’s a fish!’ So, we went on the computer and it’s both! It’s a hairdo and a fish. But there’s nothing fishy about this kid – he can really play. Troy batting .321. –Wezen-Ball

Vin needs to bone up on his hair style knowledge, but he could definitely get some lessons from these guys:

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–via Deadspin

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