Listen To Vin Scully Tell A Wonderful Story About Madison Bumgarner, A Snake And A Baby Rabbit

Vin Scully is the best. This is not an opinion; it is actual scientific fact. And, since the longtime Dodgers broadcaster is retiring at the end of the year, we must appreciate his greatness before it’s gone.

That was pretty easy to do on Friday night, when Scully told the incredible story of San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner killing a snake and rescuing a baby rabbit from inside of the reptile’s stomach. Bumgarner and his wife nursed the rabbit back to health and then released it into the wild. You know, as one does.

This story is actually a few years old. It was told by Tom Verducci in his profile of Bumgarner for Sports Illustrated‘s Sportsman of the Year issue in 2014. Nonetheless, it’s one hell of a story, and — much like everything else — it becomes even greater when it comes out of Scully’s mouth.

It’s insanely difficult to carry a sports broadcast by yourself. It rarely ever happens anymore these days. However, Scully’s ability to tell stories like this one beautifully and hold the undivided attention of his listeners while still managing to call a baseball game (“meanwhile, line-drive base hit to center!”) is incredible. The fact that he’s been in the booth 67 years and still manages to amaze us during moments like this is even more incredible.

(Via Chad Moriyama)