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Miss Tennessee Rachel Smith was crowned Miss USA 2007, and Tennessee Titan quarterback Vince Young was on the panel of judges, which makes this a totally sports-related story.

Smith, who looks okay in a bathing suit, replaces onetime With Leather #1 Tara Conner, who had that little thing where she was doing drugs and drinking underage and having sex with with Miss Teen USA and appearing in my sexy car wreck fantasies. Yet MDS at the FanHaus (linked above) is surprisingly chaste in his assessment:

Let's all wish Smith luck on having a less tumultuous reign than Conner had.

Really? Because I really think that during these dark hours* in our nation's history, what we need more of in order to heal and come together as a united people is top-shelf ass getting wasted and hooking up. And, ideally, filming it.

Hmm… maybe he means "less tumultuous" in the "she doesn't get in trouble for having hot drunk lesbian sex" way and not the "she behaves 'properly'" way. Yeah, okay. That makes a lot more sense. Now I understand.

*Note: I define "dark hours in our nation's history" as any time there's not a lot of hot drugged-up lesbian sex going on. 

Anyone got big high-res pics of Rachel? If so, send 'em my way and I'll share them with the world.

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