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So what if he doesn’t like Wu Tang?! At least we don’t have to drive!

The San Diego Chargers didn’t get much right on Sunday, but their troubles started well before kickoff, when their No. 1 wide receiver found himself in cuffs just hours before game time. Vincent Jackson was pulled over early Sunday morning for playing loud music, much to the chagrin of white people everywhere. Oh, and he was driving with expired tags and a suspended license.

Jackson was taken out of his vehicle and handcuffed for a short period of time. With the choice to take Jackson to jail or cite him, the officer cited the wide receiver and impounded his vehicle, Hassen said.

“It wouldn’t have been good if he hadn’t played. He’s a big part of what we do,” head coach Norv Turner told the media on Monday.

Sources told 10News Jackson was given a ride to Qualcomm Stadium by quarterback Philip Rivers. via Sports Pros(e)

Seriously, how hard is it to go through one’s crap every year and renew your stuff? Oh, but Jackson’s license was actually suspended because of a second DUI. And somehow Nate Kaeding walks the streets a free man. The world can be such an unfair place.

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