Virginia Women’s Lacrosse Wins NCAA Opener…

05.17.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

…and that’s good enough for me. It’s great to know that these young women with money and every other material advantage in life could put forth such an effort. Don’t get me wrong, they’re dealing with true tragedy, but it’s not enough to make me care about women’s lacrosse. About the team now playing without her. The story of Yeardley Love’s murder is as gripping as an episode of “Law & Order” (and perhaps it soon will be). But following her team feels like something off of the Lifetime network. It’s like Miracle with ponytails, only nobody cares.

Again, I’m not trying to marginalize their loss. But following that team, to me and for the interests of this site, is not a national sports story. We’re more concerned about how the 22-year-old George Huguely was out of control and nobody knew about it. A young basketball recruit for Texas A&M died in a car accident over the weekend. Should we start following his team around, too?

What if they win the national championship? Does that help anyone? Does that lessen the tragedy at all? How can it? Does that tack an extra 10 years onto Huguely’s sentence? This horrible death probably hit a lot of people close to home. But we’ll have to proceed under the presumption that you, dear reader, were not one of them.

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