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Vladimir Putin, Russia’s former president and now prime minister, has released a judo instructional video (watch it after the jump, via FanHaus).  Putin, who rose to prominence through his service in the KGB, almost kind of maybe seems to want Russians to perceive him a certain way.  From the New York Times:

Just weeks after Russia’s state-run media reported that Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin had saved a news crew from a wild tiger, he is flexing his muscles again, this time in an instructional martial arts video…

The video is part of a growing media library highlighting Mr. Putin’s masculinity that includes episodes of Mr. Putin, a former K.G.B. agent, bare-chested on a fishing expedition and in flight in a fighter jet. No cameras were rolling when Mr. Putin was said to have tranquilized the tiger as it stalked the journalists who had accompanied the prime minister and some scientists on a scientific expedition to Russia’s Far East in late August.

Some people may think Putin’s trying too hard to come off as a virile alpha male, but I think he’s been pretty subdued about his exploits.  Why, just last Tuesday, he ran an Iron Man triathlon.  It wasn’t an official race or anything, he just wanted a good workout that day.  And he would have finished sooner if he hadn’t stopped to foil that bank robbery, which became a real time-suck when those two lingerie models insisted on showing him their gratitude.  And he was all, “I will do it, but only for the good of Russia and your happiness as citizens.”  And the women experienced earthly pleasures they had never known.

You don’t hear the media reporting that, do you?  Because Putin’s too modest.

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