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Put away your funny hats for a moment, kids, because this one's a little bit darker than usual.  Teri Rhodes, an 18-year-old volleyball player at Mercyhurst College, has been charged with killing her newborn baby that she delivered secretly in her apartment.  Rhodes, who lives with her parents, allegedly delivered the baby, suffocated it with a plastic bag, then left it on the bathroom floor while she  showered.

Rhodes passed a sports physical that cleared her to play volleyball two days before she gave birth, police said. Rhodes told investigators the doctor asked her if she was pregnant and she responded that "she didn't think so." A day later, Aug. 11, King asked Rhodes to get a pregnancy test, Rhodes told police. On the day of the birth, Aug. 12, Rhodes went to morning volleyball practice, but didn't feel well and returned to her apartment, police said. Within hours, she gave birth, authorities said.

A search of Rhodes' laptop computer found that she had done research on the Internet on topics including "what can kill a fetus," "alternative methods of ending pregnancy" and "herbal abortion techniques," according to the criminal complaint.

I know I take some controversial stands here at With Leather, but I want it known that I'm definitely against murdering babies.  In fact, I'm more against baby-killing than rape.  Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to clear my Google cache.  The police aren't gonna like "homeless genocide."


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