Von Miller Admits He’s Not The NFL’s Best Dancer On ‘Hang Time’

In what can be viewed as the Hang Time Super Bowl, Brandon “B Dot” Armstrong faces off in a battle of strength and will against a man about four times his size as he interviews Super Bowl 50 MVP and 5-time Pro Bowler Von Miller. Maybe B Dot’s 15 prep-time push-ups will make the difference. Maybe the weight of Miller’s stylish chunky eyeglasses or his Super Bowl ring will weigh him down.

The man known for gaining a sack with his arm in a hornet’s nest and his shoes tied isn’t particularly humble going into the showdown, saying, “I think I can hang, probably, forever.” And it’s completely believable as he just lingers on the goal post like it’s his damn job. But no one has managed to beat B Dot yet. And it actually is his job, so the Denver Broncos linebacker has got his work cut out for him.

Watch as Miller breezily talks about how he comes up with his sack celebration dances and who was on the receiving of his favorite sack – hint, he’s playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. He also figures out where he stacks up on the list of the NFL’s best-dressed players and best dancers before the true Hang Time all-star is revealed.