Von Miller Will Take The Field On Thursday Night In A Pair Of Exclusive Yeezy Cleats

Getty Image / Twitter

The NFL season officially gets underway on Thursday night with a Super Bowl rematch of the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. As with the start of every year, it’s American fandom’s chance to conveniently forget about all the insane and terrible things that the culture of football can produce and remember what draws us in every time.

Two of the league’s biggest stars will be doing just that in Cam Newton and the man who snatched his soul in Super Bowl 50, Von Miller. Miller has used his new level of fame to show off his big, weird personality. After all the offseason trappings of fame, Miller has finally unlocked one of the most elite fame achievements out there: Exclusive Yeezy merchandise, in the form of football cleats that Miller will wear on the field Thursday night:

We’ve gotta be honest, those cleats look dope as heck. Unlike the Yeezy basketball shoes, which may look nice but are hilariously non-functional for actually playing basketball, these look to have the proper ankle support needed for competitive play. Will these fashion items hold up against the rigors of an NFL game, however? That remains to be seen. You can rest assured of one thing, however: Every high school and college player is going to want a pair of those.