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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Utah Jazz last night, and Baron Davis served Andrei Kirilenko with a subpoena to the ongoing trial of Weeping v. Masculinity:  

Jason Richardson praised the rack-shaking abilities of his teammate:

"That would have to be the greatest dunk I've ever seen with my eyes in person," marveled Richardson, the two-time NBA dunk champion. "It was like he put his whole body in the rim."

HELLO!  I don't think you can say that.  Just to clarify, Richardson sees with his eyes, and they are located on his person.  Greg Beachem, AP Sports Writer, proffered this jewel:

Davis even got a technical foul after throwing it down for "acting the fool" in celebration — but the screaming arena backed him up.

Uh, you probably shouldn't say that either. -KD 

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