A Redskins Coach Exposed His Wiener To Fans When He Whipped It Out To Pee On The Sideline

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10.24.16 2 Comments

Listen, when you have to go, you have to go. Normally when we see this old adage pop up during a football game, we’ll see athletes/coaches run to the locker room to take care of business before returning to the field/court/ice/whatever.

One Redskins coach, however, decided to go full Nick Novak and pee on the sideline during Washington’s game on Sunday against Detroit. Ben Kotwica, Washington’s special teams coordinator, grabbed a cup, walked away from the action, and went to the bathroom. There was just one problem: while he relieved himself, he didn’t make sure he was covered up well enough, and one woman who was sitting behind the bench got a look at his wiener.

At the top of this post is a censored picture of the incident. If you’d like to see the uncensored picture, Deadspin has your back. Of course, it’s NSFW.

TMZ has some more details on the incident, saying that someone in the group who saw this said it was the second time they saw a ‘Skins coach do it that day. Additionally, here’s what happened when TMZ reached out to the team:

We reached out to the Redskins and a rep had no comment — however, one team source tells us sideline pee breaks happen “all the time” with players and coaches and they always try their best to be discreet.
We’re also told Kotwica is NOT in trouble with the team and will not face any sort of discipline

Like we said, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Apparently no team understands this more than the Washington Redskins.

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