WSU Football Players Allegedly Left A Student With A Broken Jaw During This Wild House Party Brawl

The college football season is still over a month away, but some members of the Washington State football team couldn’t wait for the TV cameras to roll to start making headlines. “More than five or six” Cougars were involved in a brawl on Saturday which left one student with a concussion and another with a broken jaw, and felony charges could be on the way.

According to multiple eyewitnesses at the party, several Wazoo players were setting off fireworks in the backyard of a house party near the university’s campus, throwing some of them at fellow partygoers. Alex Rodriguez and another male student approached the players to ask them to stop, after which they were “sucker punched.” Rodriguez was also kicked in the face while on the ground, and suffered a fractured jaw in multiple places.

Some students took video of the brawl while it was in progress, which you can see in the above video.

Pullman, Washington police have identified the “more than six” players as persons of interest, but this fight wasn’t a case of football players against other students. Wide receiver Willie Roach was named as a party who attempted to stop the fight. The Pullman Police Department, the WSU athletics department and the coaching staff have announced that they are working together to gather facts. No arrests are expected to be made in the next week due to the chaotic nature of the fight, but the police say they are taking the matter seriously.

“We have four identified male victims, two injuries with one knocked unconscious and the other with a broken jaw,” [Pullman Police Commander Chris] Tennant said. “Both of those raise the assault to a felony level.”

Here’s an X-Ray of Rodriguez’s jaw:

Aside from the police investigation, we’d imagine some athletic discipline will also be in store for the players identified in the fight.

(Via Seattle Times)