Watch Bill Belichick Brilliantly Deflect Questions About DeflateGate On ‘The Late Show’

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02.12.15 5 Comments

Professional curmudgeon Bill Belichick briefly addressed the ridiculousness of DeflateGate during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Belichick on gas laws:

“We all know as the footballs get colder, they deflate…scientifically.”

Belichick on Southie scientists:

“I never realized there were so many Patriots fans that were scientists, physicists and college professors that understood it that well. We learned a lot in a hurry. Should have gotten college credit for that.”

Belichick on deep throat:

Letterman: “Where did the leak come from? Did it come from my Colts.”
Belichick: “Dave, we’re just out there playing a game, doing the best we can.”

Please God let this be the last we talk of DeflateGate.

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