Watch Bill Belichick Brilliantly Deflect Questions About DeflateGate On ‘The Late Show’

Professional curmudgeon Bill Belichick briefly addressed the ridiculousness of DeflateGate during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Belichick on gas laws:

“We all know as the footballs get colder, they deflate…scientifically.”

Belichick on Southie scientists:

“I never realized there were so many Patriots fans that were scientists, physicists and college professors that understood it that well. We learned a lot in a hurry. Should have gotten college credit for that.”

Belichick on deep throat:

Letterman: “Where did the leak come from? Did it come from my Colts.”
Belichick: “Dave, we’re just out there playing a game, doing the best we can.”

Please God let this be the last we talk of DeflateGate.