Watch Gennady Golovkin Obliterate Marco Antonio Rubio With A Brual Left Hook

10.19.14 4 years ago

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin is an undefeated boxer with an incredible 90% knockout rate. Tonight, he faced off against Marco Antonio Rubio, a boxer with a 59-6-1 record and 51 knockout wins of his own.

Suffice to say, Rubio was over matched from before the fight even started. He missed weight by two pounds, and rather than attempt to dehydrate himself any further, Rubio took a $100,000 fine.

Then the fight happened, and Golovkin just beat the heck out of Rubio, stopping him with a 2nd round knockout. After the fight, he proved he’s not just a face-destroying machine, he’s also an adorable charmer with a snazzy walkout robe. Golovkin also gives a good post-fight interview, letting Max Kellerman know the number of belts he currently has, and his opinion of potential challenger Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

It’s a mystery who will actually accept the challenge of fighting Golovkin because it’s obvious at this point that everything he touches, he destroys.

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