Watch The Royals’ Alex Gordon Take Out A Fan On This Bonkers Diving Catch

[mlbvideo id=”90860783″ width=”650″ height=”364″ /]

It’s no secret that Alex Gordon is an amazing defensive left fielder. Not only has he won the AL Gold Glove at the position the last four years running, he also took home the AL Platinum Glove last season, given to the best overall fielder in the league. Gordon has long been a darling of advanced defensive statistics, but those aren’t perfect and certainly have their detractors. So how about the eye test? I’d say he passes it here:

This was on Sunday’s Royals-White Sox game in Chicago, which means Gordon had to be doubly brave — he was diving into the enemy’s bleachers there, and he caused at least one casualty (the fan was fine).

I know that the first thing people think of when they see a diving catch into the stands is Derek Jeter’s famous leap, but let’s be real for a second. Jeter dove into the stands just because he couldn’t stop himself after making a catch on the run. Alex Gordon had to jump into the stands, at full speed, just to get to the ball. That is a whole new level of insane I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen before. It is on the short lists for best play of the MLB season (along with this craziness), and it will likely be tough to top.

(Vine via tjfsports)