MMA Knockout Of The Week: Watch This MMA Fighter Get KO’d In 4 Seconds

Senior Writer

This week’s installment of the inconsistent MMA Knockout of the Week series comes to us from the Get Down Amateur Promotions in Costa Mesa, California, and thanks to that name I got lost in a Boogie Down Productions wormhole on YouTube this morning, so I’m very thankful for that. That said, Garrett Whitman took all of four seconds to knock out his McOpponent, McKlaine McKinnon, with a foot to the face.

In fact, here’s a full breakdown of this fight:

  • The bell rings
  • The fighters touch gloves
  • Whitman kicks McKinnon in the face
  • Fight over

Hopefully, McKinnon uses this loss as a learning experience and keeps working harder to become a better fighter and maybe one day make it to one of the big promotions. I know it must be hard, what with this video blowing up on YouTube, but he need to remember that it can always be worse.

(H/T to Black Sports Online)

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