Wazzou Football Players Are Budding Entrepreneurs

10.12.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Washington is one of the many states debating the passing of medical marijuana laws, and although recreational use is still illegal, two Washington State football players were undeterred from having 38 plants growing in their basement. You read that right. 38 plants. To get a little context for those who say ‘up with hope, down with dope’ or ‘hugs, not drugs,’ that’s about 38 more plants than you would ever need growing in your basement at any time.

Pullman police arrested redshirt freshman backup linebacker Jamal Atofau and redshirt freshman Andre Barrington, who is academically ineligible this semester, after finding 38 marijuana plants growing in a house they rented with two other men.

Pullman police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Tennant said that while executing an unrelated search warrant, they discovered the marijuana plants growing in a basement room. Later the cops found manufacturing equipment and paraphernalia. All four residents of the house, including the two football players, were arrested. –Sports by Brooks

Although it’s possible that the players had nothing to do with the plants growing in their basement, logic dictates that they probably knew exactly what was going on. If your mom could smell that joint you smoked in your bathroom with the fan on, chances are these guys could “smell the refer from a mile away” as Gucci Mane so eloquently put it.

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