A Washington State Fan Jumped Onto The Field After A Touchdown And Stripped To His Underwear

Penn State and Michigan State’s weather delay made everything a bit wacky in college football on Saturday. The wackiness wasn’t all related, of course, but when a full slate of weirdness happens all day it tends to feel more like causation than correlation.

One thing that was directly related to the nearly-four-hour weather delay in East Lansing: Stanford and Washington State’s game scheduled to air on Fox was broadcast on Fox Business Network.

So normal Fox Business viewers looking for financial advice instead saw a Wazzu fan pull his pants down after a Cougars touchdown.

Excited by the excellent throw and catch that led to a score, this fella just hops down from the first row and reveals to the world that he’s wearing bright blue underoos on this glorious college football Saturday.

You can see with this on-the-field angle that he does not go further than pulling his pants down, which is good. It also appears that the Cougars mascot wanted to go over there and give that guy the business for stepping on his field.

Regardless of that cat’s angst, you have to admit it’s an impressive way to get kicked out of a football stadium. I wonder if he celebrates all touchdowns like that.