Wednesday Dunk Battle: Harden Vs. Boozer Vs. Green Vs. Howard

01.30.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

You know how this works.

In order to further Slam Dunk Analysis sciences, we’re asking you, the With Leather community, to compare four of the week’s best dunks and tell us which was the most … uh, slam dunk. We’re still working on the phrasing. Anyway, watch these four dunk clips and please, take a moment to vote in the handy poll included at the bottom.

Your dunks for this week:

1. James Harden’s tomahawk slam on the Utah Jazz.

2. Carlos Boozer dunks, gets an amazing call, gets an even better reaction from Taj Gibson.

3. Jeff Green dunks on Chris Bosh, specifically.

4. Dwight Howard sucks at basketball.

Dunk #1:

Dunk #2:

Dunk #3:

Dunk #4:

Make your choice now!

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