03.12.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

At the end of every motherf!ckin’ week, I pick the winners to the weekend’s hottest motherf!ckin’ matchups. I call it Weekend Motherf!ckin’ Picks, hosted by former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, seen in a. Home teams are in ALL MOTHERF!CKIN’ CAPS.

Tonight. Xavier -3.5 over Dayton. Remember when they used to be called “Xavier of Ohio?” Not anymore. The “other” team in Cincinnati has become a perennial NCAA entrant; look for the Muskateers to make another strong showing in the A-10 tourney.

Purdue -8 over Northwestern. Northwestern has 20 wins this year, but they currently sit 113th in the RPI. They would need to win the Big Ten tourney to get to the dance, but Purdue is just too good.

Saturday. Burnley FC +0 over WOLVES. Usually I like Wolves just because they’re called “wolves.” This is not a usual week.

Nadal -1400 over somebody. Nadal in the early rounds of the Australian is like the 10-year T-bill of sports betting. I’ll just collect the interest with a probably-unhealthy chunk of my bankroll here and move on.

Sunday. TBA over TBA. Too many tournament games going on. How am I supposed to know who’s going to play?

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