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What to watch for in this weekend's biggest match-ups. Home team in ALL CAPS. 

OHIO STATE over Michigan — What? Next week? Crap. Well, then…

OHIO STATE over Northwestern — ah, the ol' alma mater getting crushed on national TV. Good times. 

Dan Daly over NED — Daly: Won for two Medals of Honor; said "Come on, you sons of bitches! You want to live forever?" at the battle of Belleau Wood. Ned: hopped onto a football field while on crutches.

LIONS over 49ers — Game of the week, baby. Roy Williams versus all of Santa Clara.

Sonics over BOBCATS — Seattle's gotten some tough breaks over the first couple games. They're due, right? 

Burning Everything and Starting Fresh over PACKING UP AND MOVING — I fucking hate moving.

SMEDLEY BUTLER over Shawne Merriman — Butler: two Medals of Honor, tattoo of Eagle, Globe, & Anchor on chest that inspired G.I. Joe's Gung Ho. Merriman: steroid use, tattoo of light switch on arm.

Red Sox over EVERYBODY — If the rumors are true that they landed Daisuke Matsuzaka.

PHONE SEX over Handjob — This is kind of like that Cardinals-Raiders game a few weeks back.

VETERANS DAY over Memorial Day — On Veterans Day we sometimes still remember people like Jason Dunham; Memorial Day, all we do is barbecue. 

That's all for this week. If you're in the NYC area tonight, send me an email and I'll give you the details on where the birthday party is.

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