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What to watch for in this weekend's biggest match-ups. Home team in ALL CAPS. All times WESTERN, in honor of Coachella, my favorite music festival, which is getting underway as I write.  Check the set times to follow along with the picks.

OUTDOOR STAGES over Tents — Bunch of hipsters dancing + a tent in the desert with poor air circulation = quite literally, hell on earth.

Brazilian Girls over INTERPOL (Friday, 9:30) — Not just for the name, either.  Interpol aren't anything special live.  However, it might be smart to ditch the Girls for El-P at 9:50. 

SLEEPING IN over Steve Aoki (Saturday, 2:30) — That idiot hipster piece of shit (this guy) isn't worth getting dehydrated for.  I wouldn't watch him unless someone set him on fire. 

THE ARCADE FIRE over Ghostface Killah (Saturday, 7:30) — What a cruel trick to play, having the band with two of the best albums over the last three years play at the same time as the MC with two of the best hip-hop albums over the last two years.  Slight edge to Arcade Fire because I spend too much time hating on Canadia.

THE ROOTS over Against Me! (Sunday, 5:00-ish) — I've seen Against Me!, and they suck.  I've seen the Roots; they're untouchable. Easiest decision of the weekend, besides setting Steve Aoki on fire.

PAUL VAN DYK over Lily Allen over Air (Sunday, 8:00-ish) — If you're not on drugs, maybe Lily Allen wins over Van Dyk.  And definitely don't see Air unless you're on drugs.

Oh yeah, and there's the NFL Draft, NBA and NHL playoffs, and MLB action if you're not in the foothills of the Mojave.  Which I'm not.  So I guess it's gonna be drinking beer and yelling at Chris Berman for spoiling the picks.  Yay.  Stick around this weekend and hang out with Kevin, why doncha?

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