07.20.07 11 years ago 13 Comments

What to watch for in this weekend's biggest match-ups.  Home team in ALL CAPS.  Of course.

Needlefish over FLYING STURGEON — Oh sure, sturgeon shattering your leg sounds bad, but it's better than getting speared in the face.  Well, unless you're ugly.  In that case, thanks, needlefish!

Air Golf over the BRITISH OPEN — Yes, air golf.  Cannons > clubs.

Staying in the City to Hang Out with Close Friends over GOING TO A SUMMER SHARE.  Seriously.  Fighting traffic so you can see some deer isn't that relaxing.

YANKEES over Devil Rays — Can the Bombers' $200M payroll stay hot at home while hosting the worst team in baseball this weekend?  Um, yes.  And if you want another easy game to bet on, check out Seattle at Toronto on Sunday: Horacio Ramirez versus Roy Halladay.  Money in the bank.

FBI over NBA — And the referee under investigation is… Tim Donaghy!  Come on dowwwwwn! …to the local branch of the FBI, where you can begin looking forward to either jail time or a mob hit.  Or both!

Get out there and live life this weekend, people.  And when you come home for a couple hours' respite, check in with Kevin, who as usual will be holding it down over here.

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