07.03.09 10 years ago 7 Comments

Every Friday we pick the winners to the weekend’s most fingerfuggable matchups. Home teams are in ALL CAPS.

Brewers at CUBS, over 9. The NL Central is just a freaking parking lot right now. There’s a case to be made for the balanced schedule in baseball and just abolishing divisions altogether.

Braves at NATIONALS, over 9.5. Standard operating procedure here with America’s Team.

REDS +1.5 over Cardinals. The Reds pulled out a WTF 10-inning win over the Diamondbacks yesterday, leaving 16 men on base. Today, they’ll get some of those runs in.

ROUGHRIDERS over Lions. CFL or no, I’m still bent that I can’t bet the under on WNBA games anymore.

Tomorrow: Serena over Venus. Always bet on the woman that pretends to design her own clothes.

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