Weekend Picks: Ryan Zimmerman Really Hates Hot Dog Vendors

05.28.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

At the end of each week, we pick the winners to the weekend’s hottest matchups. We call it “Weekend Picks.” For those asking, lines for today’s picks can be found on Belmont.com. Home teams are listed in ALL CAPS.

Tonight: CELTICS -3.5 over Magic. Dust off those golf clubs, Orlando.

Mets +1.5 over BREWERS. Johan Santana has gone seven innings in each of his last three starts, giving up zero, two, and one earned run, respectively. The trouble is that in those starts, he only earned one decision. After all, the Mets kinda suck.

Nationals at PADRES, over 6.5. Token “over” bet on the Nats, with a ridonkulous number to boot.

Tomorrow: Royals +115 over RED SOX. OMG ZACK GREINKE!

Lakers +1 over SUNS. Let’s just get the Finals started already. Speaking of which…

BLACKHAWKS -200 over Flyers. It’s Game 1 of the Final. I’m ready for Chicago to finally win something again.

Rashad Evans over Rampage Jackson. UFC actually is on pay-per-view this go-round. And obviously Nick Diaz will crush Hayato Whatshisname in DREAM 14, but that’s a terrible bet at -525.

Sunday: Will Power +600 over FIELD. Expect the guy with the cool name to finally break through, and then break down with a jug of milk with entirely too much fat in it. And Danica might crash in the first 50 laps, disadvantaged by the fact that she doesn’t have a penis.

Thanks to everyone that read and commented this week. Limited posting Monday, and then we’re back full-hog on Tuesday.

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