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Every Friday we pick the winners of the weekend’s dickteasingest matchups. Home teams in ALL CAPS.

Tonight: Costa Rica + 0.5 over CANADA. Canada pretty much blows at everything that doesn’t involve ice. Which is a relief. Because my bartender is Canadian.

Reds + 1.5 over Mets. The Mets pretty much blow at everything. No, that’s it. I was finished.

Stampeders -6.5 over BLUE BOMBERS. I watched Winnipeg’s Week 1 game against Edmonton earlier this week and they were unimpressive. Which is partly why I’m taking the under as well (56).

Silver Stars at LYNX, under 155. Yes! WNBA totals are back! Always bet the under. And if I could bet ECONOMY over LPGA, I’d lay that down in a minute.

Tomorrow: Jef United Chiba -0.5 over VISSEL KOBE. I don’t know much about Japan J League, but I’m pretty sure it’s either soccer or jai alai. Eh, it’s probably jai alai.

Mir over Lesnar. That’s just how I think it’ll go down. Mir has the edge in experience, and I think Lesnar will fade into Bolivia after this match.

Sunday: NAP over Sports. You’ll thank me when Monday rolls around.

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