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Is it wrong for me to be turned on?” title=”Is it wrong for me to be turned on?” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

What to watch for in this weekend's biggest matchups.  Home teams in ALL CAPS.

FOX Sunday Programming over SELECTION SUNDAY — "Oh boy, they're about to announce ANOTHER NAME!"  Dude, just wait half an hour and look it up online.

ROCKETS over Bobcats — Nationally televised tonight on ESPN.  Could be a trap game, but I don't think Adelman will let the team look past Charlotte.

LAKERS over Rockets — On Sunday's ABC game to snap the streak at 21.  Yes, it's the same pick that everyone else is making.  I don't care. 

Fresh Air over WRECKS GALORE — I'm going to do my best to go outside on Sunday, but on the off chance that a March blizzard hits, I may check up on the NASCAR race — the Bristol track is a short, violent course that promises lots of yellow flags.  Hooray, chance of carnage!

Driving Across the Country over WITH LEATHER'S WEEKEND SHIFT — KD is taking his first weekend off since… well, since I can remember.  I'll be filling in for him, because it's easier than hiring someone to do so for me.  So don't you fuckers even think about going anywhere.

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