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UPDATE: It’s an ACL and MCL tear. That’s what happens when one’s ligaments are so gritty.

Wes Welker and his 122 receptions might be sitting on the bench for the playoffs after injuring his knee in the first quarter of the Patriots’ game with the Texans. NFL.com has reported that Welker will not return to the game.

New England had clinched the AFC East title and a playoff berth heading into today’s game, and were mathematically eliminated from first-round bye contention in the AFC playoffs.

Should Welker have been in the game? If you read what I had to say about the Colts, who were grilled by some fans and media when they pulled their starters last week against the Jets. The Colts played their starters for two-and-a-half quarters before suddenly yanking their headliners off the field. That’s not exactly “resting” their players, especially if one of them would have taken an errant cut in the first quarter, as Welker did.

The Patriots weren’t playing to kinda-sorta continue an undefeated season. The Patriots didn’t have a first-round bye in the playoffs. And the Patriots wouldn’t have been doing a disservice to their fans by keeping their marquee players in street clothes. But they didn’t. They went out and played the game The Right Way. It’s a damn shame they weren’t better rewarded for it.

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