11.17.06 11 years ago 3 Comments

Steve Slaton, who I once beat in a race to that telephone pole, ran wild on Pitt last night and the Mountaineers cruised to victory in the Big Fight in the Backyard. I was sad for Pitt. Not that I like Pitt, but one of my old girlfriends had a snug vintage Pitt Panthers tee shirt that she wore without a bra. So for me, cheering for Pitt is like cheering for tits.

Anyway: the Backyard Brawl. I love how every serious college football rivalry gets a name, and the intensity of the rivalry is determined by how similar the two fan bases are. Auburn-Alabama. USC-UCLA. Stanford-Cal. Harvard-Yale. These are schools that don't strike me as very different (even if some of them are private vs. public). I guess Miami-Florida State pits two different fan bases against each other, but I'm already bored by this thought experiment, so let's move on.

Great picture, huh? He looks like he really regrets taking the time to paint the Hulk hands. Plus he reminds me of my favorite line from The Neverending Story: "They look like big, good, strong hands…" 

UPDATE: From the FanHouse, here's Pat White mocking the Panther roar. Amazing.

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