Watch This Chicago News Team Flawlessly Impersonate Miserable Jets Fans

The WGN-TV news team is well-known locally in Chicago for their wacky take on morning news. Each day, they’re usually good for at least one blooper or bit that’s legitimately laugh-out-loud funny. Perhaps the best example is this clip from 2010, when their audience waited patiently for three straight minutes staring at a live shot of a pending bridge demolition, only for producers to cut away just as the explosion occurred. It’s a true classic.

At the center of the news team’s shenanigans is their sports anchor, Pat Tomasulo. With the NFL Draft taking place in Chicago this year instead of its usual spot in New York, Tomasulo felt the world would be robbed of the wonderful tradition of watching Jets fans’ over-the-top reactions to their team’s 1st round pick. To fix this problem, he and some friends took to the streets dressed as Jets fans, and promptly booed anything and everything, including the John Hancock building. “He said c*ck!!!”

[via Deadspin]