You Won’t Believe The Wildly Inappropriate Guess This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Made On This Puzzle

One of the many reasons people love Wheel of Fortune is that it makes you feel very smart when, sitting at home without any of the pressure, you know a puzzle long before the contestants. Being on that stage makes it difficult to think as clearly as you do at home, and sometimes that yields some truly breathtaking responses to puzzles.

We got an all-timer on Thursday’s episode in a toss-up round, when one of the contestants made a guess so wild that one of his fellow contestants gasped and said “WHAT?!” when he said it out loud.

There’s so much going on in this 16-second clip, from a man confidently saying “Right In The Butt!” on network television to a puzzle where that phrase doesn’t even fit, to the lady on the end being unable to hide her disbelief, to the collective gasp from the studio audience, and Pat Sajak’s disdainful “no” in response. There’s also the face he makes after being told he was wrong.

This really does go straight into the Wheel of Fortune Hall of Fame. The reactions are all incredible, but what makes it for me is the sheer confidence with which he said it. He delivered the answer like it was just incredibly obvious, even though the first word should only have four letters, meaning right wouldn’t fit, and that’s before you get to the whole, they’d never have that be a puzzle answer on Wheel.

For those wondering, the correct answer was “This Is The Best!”