Where Were YOU When Brett Favre Last Sat Out?

12.14.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

We mentioned in the link dump that Brett Favre was scratched from the Minnesota Vikings’ active roster last night, thus ending the NFL’s longest streak of consecutive regular season games played at 297. That’s just over 18 and a half season’s worth of games, more than five times the length of the average playing career in pro football.

”I don’t want to say I’m shocked by the events of today. I guess in some way I expected it … but I have no idea. It’s unfortunate we’re out of this playoff race. I’ll just see how I feel this week and go from there.”

Favre’s injury, a sprained SC joint, is a rarity in sports, one that doctors say occurs most often when a person’s body slams against the steering wheel in an auto accident. –Fox Sports.

Favre wound up going down since the injury could not have been easily anesthetized in time for Monday’s kickoff. The last game where Brett Favre didn’t start, before last night? September 20, 1992. That’s really mind-blowing to me when I consider that I was still over a year away from getting my driver’s license, almost two years away from getting laid, and three years away from being charged by the feds with human trafficking. Formative years, indeed.

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