Which Team Is Your Favorite WWE Superstar Rooting For In The World Cup? Switzerland.

Everyone’s getting hyped up for the World Cup and the psychic turtles have made their predictions, so now it’s time for pro wrestlers to weigh in with their picks. I guess?

WWE uploaded this clip of their international stars (and Dolph Ziggler) sending support out to their corresponding national teams, from Cesaro supporting Switzerland to Kofi Kingston repping Ghana. William Regal and Paige are both there to wish England well, and I’m hoping Bad News Barrett wasn’t included because they’re saving him for when they lose. I love that Dolph Ziggler is the only superstar to represent the United States, because his current career trajectory and the USA’s chances are kinda neck-and-neck. I hope the US plays Ghana.

Serious question: Who is 3MB rooting for? Scotland’s not in it. Neither are Canada and India, so Jinder Mahal’s out. Does West Virginia have a team?