Who Wins This Fight: Chuck Liddell In His Prime Or Today’s Jon Jones?

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02.26.16 2 Comments

You’ve got to be a pretty confident person to compete in mixed martial arts at the highest levels, and that label definitely applies to Chuck Liddell, one of the UFC’s original superstars. He was knocking guys out back in 1998 when the sport was still widely called ‘Vale Tudo’, or ‘Anything Goes’ fighting.

As one of the greatest light heavyweight champs the sport has ever seen, he has a right to be cocky. But earlier this week he made some comments about fighting Jon Jones that has a lot of fans engaged in passionate debate.

“I still think if he fought someone like me in my prime he would have a lot of trouble,” Liddell said on The Fighter And The Kid Podcast. “The problem is he doesn’t hit hard enough to hurt me and he’s not going to out-wrestle me. He’s not going to out-wrestle me and I hit too hard for him. I would catch him sooner or later. Styles make fights.”

“What he does really well, if you’ve got a guy that’s a great striker, he can out wrestle them. If he’s got a guy who’s a wrestler, he can out strike him, out point him. For me? I’d be big trouble for him because if he took me down he wouldn’t be able to keep me down … if he even got a takedown. I will hit him. I’ll put my hands on him. I could still give him trouble.”

Of course Jon Jones got wind of the interview and responded briefly over social media…

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