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A Philadelphia-area man was killed when a bar fight spilled out into a parking lot near Citizens Bank Park Saturday night. Police believe that David Sale was watching the Phillies game at a bar with a bachelor party when a fight broke out involving some 30 people.

Police said the group got into an altercation with other patrons at the pub at around 7 p.m., as the Phillies game was in late innings. According to police, McFadden’s employees ousted the two groups from the bar, and someone notified police.

But the fight continued shortly after in a nearby parking lot, said Police Lt. Frank Vanore.

By the time police reached the scene, Sale was on the ground and unresponsive. He had been hit repeatedly about the head with fists and feet, Vanore said. There are no signs any weapons were used in the attack. via.

No details have surfaces regarding what started the fight, but nothing could justify beating this kid to death. Even if he was a Phillies fan. Two people in custody could be charged as early as today. Sale was 22. via.

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