Will Smith Pays His Respects To Muhammad Ali With A Loving Facebook Tribute

06.05.16 3 years ago

The passing of Muhammad Ali has once again shaken our society by reminding us that everyone — even its most heralded heroes — are indeed very human and very mortal. While the public had been privy to the slow deterioration of Muhammad Ali from Parkinson’s Disease, he still made public appearances and was a beloved figure. His recent, sudden passing has left the world reflecting on who he was and how he should be remembered, which is important for such a pivotal figure not only in sports history but human history.

One such person who knows quite a bit about Ali has shared his thoughts on the passing of the legend in Will Smith. As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Smith shared a few touching words via his Facebook. Smith had the distinct honor of portraying Muhammad Ali in the film Ali, which meant preparing for the role in many ways, including in the boxing ring. In preparing to play Ali, he also spent time with the former champion, forging a bond with him.

Smith’s performance as Muhammad Ali was near-universally praised, not only by the press and moviegoers but by the man himself. Needless to say, Smith claims that his life was changed by Ali, and while in this case that might have been a more direct relationship, Ali’s influence stretches out into many parts of society today.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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