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What the f*** do you mean I got drafted by the Rams?!

With everyone ready to hand Florida the national championship before the season even kicks off [partially because of their 19 returning starters and their relatively easy schedule], we should probably just look ahead to 2010, where Tebow is expected to be drafted somewhere in the first round of that year’s NFL Draft (depending on who you ask; ESPN’s Todd McShay did not drink the Kool-Aid at communion, so to speak). And if you think the fellatio of God’s Quarterback has been stomach-churning on the college level, you might lose your mind when you learn that someone has already compared his career track to that of Steve Young.

Hmmm, let’s see: a left-handed quarterback who sees a larger purpose than football in this life, and the one (we hope) after.

Except: he may not have the arm to make it big in the NFL and runs too much, which is going to get him killed at the next level. —Chris Dufresne

Granted, there are plenty of pros for Tebow going pro: Come next April, he will have been a three-year starter with a completion percentage likely over 65%, playing under one of the more meticulous offensive minds in college football. But one has to wonder how the Tebow’s Sister Act will go outside of the rah-rah campuses of the college game. But if a guy can go celibate in Gainesville, damn, he can go celibate anywhere. The rest of his game might be under debate, but success breeds success. Unless you’re Tim Tebow and you don’t breed at all. I’d say that he’s screwed but really it’s just the opposite of that.

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