A 13-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Stole The Show At The Olympic Closing Ceremony

In his snow pants, turtleneck sweater, and cool leather jacket, South Korea’s Yang Tae-hwan stole the show at the Winter Olympics closing ceremony in PyeongChang thanks to a shredding guitar solo that put a stamp on the last two weeks of competition. Thankfully, he melted faces at the Winter Olympics, and those in the proximity of the nuclear energy emitting from his fingertips will make it home safely.

Viewers were blown away by the spectacle that bridged South Korea’s traditional musical stylings with the country’s contemporary tastes. The intensity of the performance ramped up and it turned into a K-Pop show full of glowing dancers then the full-on guitar solo from Yang Tae-hwan accompanied a huge band that exploded into the South Korean night. Everyone loves “Guitar Kid.”

Sadly, in a quasi Milkshake Duck scenario, it turns out that Guitar Kid (who is a proven virtuoso), may have just been following in the footsteps of many performers the International Olympic Committee and played to a backing track. Back in 2012, Muse let the world know that they weren’t fans of this practice and would make it quite obvious that they weren’t actually playing.

But still, for a while, Guitar Kid reigned supreme, and we’ll always have his awesome YouTube channel to know his skills are beyond reproach.