With Leather Live Discussion: 2012 NBA Draft

Senior Writer
06.28.12 234 Comments

Originally, I was going to publish a huge NBA Draft preview yesterday that was going to provide very little actual insight while serving up a few dozen jokes about why our favorite teams suck and the rich will get richer. But instead I came down with a cold, so I’m going to settle in tonight and watch the NBA Draft from the comfort of my own couch, with some hot tea and a few vintage issues of Penthouse.

So what the hell, let’s have ourselves a live discussion while we’re at it. Will Anthony Davis scream with joy when the New Orleans pick him with the first overall pick that was in no way given to them by a corrupt commissioner? Will Davis trademark my toe hair? Will he run straight out and buy a Bentley like a responsible draft pick? How will the Charlotte Bobcats screw up their pick? By what time will Dwight Howard be a Houston Rocket? Will Royce White overcome his fear of flying to become a millionaire?

Join us tonight as we break down the NBA Draft in real time, and share this post on Facebook and Twitter to unlock the TRADEMARKED unibrow badge. And enjoy that badge until Davis tries to sue me. Don’t worry about me, though. I’m represented by Franklin and Bash.

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