With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 155

Well it’s taken long enough, am I right, fight fans? We were promised this rematch between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez as far back as May, after both fighters won their respective matches at UFC 146. And we wanted this rematch because, let’s face it, their first fight was a real turd in the punch bowl. Obviously, dos Santos won the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Velasquez at UFC on FOX last year, and it was a huge letdown because we wanted 5 rounds of pure, unfiltered ass-kickery and instead we got a knockout after a whopping minute of action.

Will we get something different this time, as these scrappy fellas headline UFC 155 in Las Vegas tomorrow night? I have no idea. I’m not psychic. If I were, I wouldn’t be talking to you guys about this fight, because I’d be in Vegas betting the millions that I already won on the previous fights that we’ve watched. Geez, use your brains.

As for the rest of the card, you’re not going to see any of the most recognizable names in UFC, but I think we’re in for an evening of intense fights featuring hungry dudes who want to become household fighters. As always, I’ve included the breakdown of the fight card – this time with a special tribute to With Leather’s First Lady of Booty Kicking, Gina Carano – and you can also check out our good friend Lobster Mobster’s primer for UFC 155 on her blog.

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